Saturday, September 13, 2014

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Our first stop on our cruise was to Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands. This place is gorgeous! From practically any point of the island, you can see so many other islands in the distance. It's magical.

We rented a car and first stopped at Drake's Seat, a look out point that gives great views of Magens Bay.

Then we went down to Magens Bay to walk the beach and swim around.

Later, we stopped and ate lunch at my favorite beach the day, Lindquist beach. This was my favorite because off all the pretty islands in the distance. I loved it! I see why it's rated #2 on TripAdvisor.



Renting a car was nice because we saw a ton of the island while driving to the different beaches and places. While driving around, we saw a bunch of little, secluded houses in the middle of lush green hills. What a exotic place to live!

We also went snorkeling at Coki beach, and this little kid gave me a piece of bread to feed the fish with. Man, did they all flock to eat it. They were so pretty.

The last place we stopped at was the Ritz Carleton Hotel and we got two pina coladas, our favorite:) We're obsessed with these and probably got one on each island.

Next time we go to the Virgin Islands, we definitely want to go to Saint Johns. One the cruise, we met some new friends who lived on St. Thomas, and we asked them the inside scoop about the place. They said two awesome beaches on St. Johns are Salomon beach and Honeymoon beach, so next time we are there we are for sure going to check those out.

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