Thursday, February 27, 2014

Vegas to see Britney!

We took a girls trip to Vegas this past weekend to see Britney Spears! The show was AMAZING... we were front row and got see Britney like 5 feet away. My childhood dream is now fulfilled!



It was such a relaxing trip. We spent our time laying out by the pool, shopping, getting a massage and eating great food.

Oh, and we did go dancing one night... when in Vegas!


These girls are my favorites!



Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I was excited to go to Kauai because I had been to other Hawaiian islands, but never to Kauai, and everyone told me Kauai was their favorite and the prettiest. So I was especially excited to see it!

We went with Dallin's parents and I love how adventurous and active they are. Every day they wanted to get out and do a cool hike or excursion, so we are always on the move when we travel with them.

The first day, we hiked the Na pali coast. It was a little slippery and muddy from all of the rain but had some breath-taking views. I think there were scenes from Jurassic Park filmed here?

This coastal hike ended with a giant waterfall and here is Dallin climbing underneath it. 

On the way back, we saw a wild animal that freaked us out! We were't sure what it was exactly (maybe a boar?) because it startled us so bad that we ran practically the whole way back. It was pretty funny.

The next day we did a kayak / hike excursion. We kayaked for like two miles on this river below. It started raining as we were kayaking which made us feel even more adventurous. We then parked on kayaks and started the hike which led to another really cool waterfall. 

One of my favorite things that we did was an ATV tour which took us up through the Kauai mountains. It was so pretty and tons and tons of movie scenes have been filmed in these hills (including Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park). On this tour, we also went through a bamboo forest that was so amazing- I only wish I had a video/picture of it!

We also went to see this Lighthouse which had some pretty views.

And walked around the glam Grand Hyatt hotel...

Of course we also went to tons of beaches. This one was formed from lava rock and was really fun to walk around on.

Until next time Kauai!


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Toronto, Canada!

I went to Toronto on a work trip, and boy was it FREEZING! I mean, I grew up and live in California, so I think like 60 is cold ;). Well, it got to be Negative 16 degrees at night & my hair literally had icicles in it! Haha

The few times I was brave enough to go outside, I saw a Castle downtown Toronto...

and did a quick little stop in Niagara Falls which I imagine is better to see in the summer time :0

And lastly, I went to the CN tower downtown Toronto. They have a glass floor that you can walk on that's 1000 feet in the air! I'm pretty scared of heights, so I felt pretty brave walking on that floor.


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Jami's AMAZING bridal shower

Jami's bridal shower in Utah was so much fun! Love these ladies more than anything. We went 80's dancing for one last sesh to celebrate her wedding.

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