Thursday, October 30, 2014

Oliver's 8th birthday party

Little Oliver turned 8 years old this year. He is the cutest little boy around! For his party, Shane took him and his friends to play football at BYU (and you better believe he scored some touch downs!).

Sophia was so happy at his party that she jumped for joy!

Hannah got these little burners so that the kids could make smores at the table. Isn't that so cool? I had never seen that before!

Oliver was so excited to open his presents. Sure do love this kid!


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy birthday to Kelly!

Today is one of my best friend since 6th grade's birthday and she is turning 26! Kelly is the sweetest, most hilarious, and loving person I know. Whenever we are together, we are laughing the whole time. She brings sunshine everywhere she goes and I'm so grateful for our friendship. She got her wedding pictures back just a bit ago, so I thought I'd post a few she sent me to celebrate!

We were peeking through the window to watch Kelly get her make-up done for her big day!

This is one of my favorites because she rode in on a canoe to meet her dad to walk her down the aisle, how dreamy is that?!

These two people are soul mates & I'm obsessed with them both :)


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall in Utah

Okay, Fall in Utah is my absolute favorite. The leaves on the trees are so bright, colorful, and vibrant... I'm obsessed with all of it! During this season, we try to be outdoors as much as we can doing hikes and drives to soak it all in :)

My good friend Kate is a photographer and she offered to teach me how to use my camera better (meaning no more just leaving it on auto all of the time!). She's amazing and so I was so happy that she spent the day with me to teach some of her great photography skills. So, here's some fun test pictures I took of her during our teaching session. 

This picture is one of my favorites because I can't decide what's prettier: the gorgeous open field of trees and mountains, or Kate's shiny long hair!

Even just driving through the streets you can see so many shades of greens, yellows, oranges and reds- I'm sure going to miss this when winter comes.

Our last stop was to Tibble Fork, which is actually my favorite place in Utah. When my parents moved to Utah about 5 years ago, they found this place like the first month they moved in because it's so close to their house. We've been coming here ever since to fish, sail, and hike around. In fact, Dallin and I come here just about every Sunday afternoon, it's become our little tradition :)


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Life in Utah

Life in Utah means lots of fun group dates...

girls nights galore...

catching up with childhood friends...

having best friends and their babies come to town to visit...

going to The Chocolate with old college roommates...

getting orange leaf at least twice a week...

trying new dinner places...

riding the janky ferris wheel at the state fair...

going to baby showers...

lot's of family time & BYU games...

We've so enjoyed our two months so far here :)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Baby blessing for little Declan

Today one of Dallin's college roommates blessed their sweet little baby Declan! I'm so happy for Jordan and Stuart, they make the cutest parents.


I love this candid shot of Jordan kissing her little baby's head :)


Saturday, October 11, 2014


I got to spend a week in Phoenix and it was fun seeing all of the desert life- so many cactuses, wild flowers, and palm trees!


My favorite part of visiting Phoenix was definitely catching up with one of my best friends Jami!! She's such an amazing person and I'm always so inspired talking with her.

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