Saturday, April 30, 2016

My First Pregnancy!

This post is mainly for Olivia to read one day when she is older- I wanted to track the little things that happened during my pregnancy with her. If I don't write things like this down, I totally forget! So, I took a pregnancy test in August and we were so excited to see two lines appear on the test indicating a positive! Here are the first ultra sound pictures...

We have them hanging up on our fridge :)

We told all of our family members over Skype when I was 12 weeks along (man, it was so hard to keep the big secret that long!). Here are their reactions on Dallin's Instagram. We also called our friends to tell them!

Below is how we announced it on my Instagram... since it was around Halloween we thought it'd be fun to carve pumpkins and put a pacifier in the baby pumpkin.

Here are the next ultra sound pictures. I love the cute side profile :)

This is me at 20 weeks pregnant...

When we went home for Thanksgiving, we found out that we were having a girl! My doctor gave me a little envelope with a piece of paper in it that said whether it was a boy or girl. We gave that to the cupcake baker and they made cupcakes with pink/blue filing depending on what the envelope said. Here are the cupcakes (they were very delicious!):

(Since it was Thanksgiving day, half of the cupcakes were decorated like turkeys)

After we told our friends that we were having a girl, some of them sent us these cute pink gifts:

This is me at 24 weeks pregnant...

When we visited California, my friends there threw me a little surprise baby shower. It was so nice of them! We went out to dinner & desserts and they gave me cards with little pieces of advice (my friend Madeleine organized it, and sadly she couldn't come because she was sick that day! We missed her!). 

My friends Mckelle and Courtney are also pregnant, and we are all in different trimesters! 

My friend Natasha and my mom threw a little baby shower in Utah for me, here are some pictures from that:

My friends Jordan, Mary, and Catherine are all also pregnant! Love being pregnant at the same time as my friends :) Jordan and Mary have due dates in early April as well!

I got tons of cute baby clothes :)

And we played this game where you had to draw a baby without looking. Here's a clip:

I've been writing lot's of thank you notes to all of my sweet friends! :)

All of the baby stuff is slowly starting to take over the space in our apartment. I'm beginning to feel like the baby needs more things than I do!

These are some of the girl names we like, but we still haven't made a decision...

This is me at 28 weeks pregnant (starting to live in my lulu lemon pants)...

When we were home for Christmas in DC with Dallin's family, we played some baby games with our nieces and nephews.

Dad in training...

This is me at 34 weeks...

My friends Abby & Laura threw me a little baby shower brunch in Boston! It was delicious. In this picture, Laura & Courtney are also pregnant and due just a few weeks before me, and Abby, Caitlin, & Diana just had their babies recently. Yay for babies!!

We played a fun game where they used an app to predict what my baby would look like if I was with a celebrity. Can you guess which baby is me and Dallin's?

I've also been doing a lot of things to get everything ready for her arrival! First, I've been reading lot's of baby books...

...and I've been doing lot's of research to decide what baby things we need to buy.

My friend Courtney helped sew me this carseat cover...

I took this picture the day before I delivered! We are so happy to finally have her with us :)

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