Sunday, September 28, 2014

Alpine Loop

Utah is one of the most beautiful places- I love the pretty color of the trees and the gorgeous mountains everywhere. For this reason, I'm obsessed with the Alpine loop drive. You get such pretty views of Utah, and the entrance is conveniently right by our house in Highland.

We first drove by a really great view of Timp. For some reason, I have no desire to hike to the top of this mountain though it's a popular hike. Even though I love hiking, every single one of my friends that has hiked to the top gets lost somewheres along the way and says it takes like 10 hours. I'll take the view I get from right here :)

Then, we drove by this really pretty grove of bright yellow and green trees. The colors were crazy!

Man, I love these trees and they are everywhere along this drive.

I can't wait to do this drive again soon when the colors will change even more during fall:)


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