Saturday, May 17, 2014

Half Moon Bay

One of our favorite date nights is to go to the Ritz Carleton in Half Moon Bay to watch the sunset. Every night at sunset, a guy plays the bagpipes along the water and they have bonfire pits to cuddle up to that help us stay warm. We also like to pick up hot chocolate on the way to drink around the bonfire. It's such the pretty setting!


Friday, May 9, 2014

Kelly & Tyler's wonderful wedding at Leonard Lake

My best friend since 6th grade got married this past weekend! Words cannot express how happy I am for Kelly and Tyler. They are truly soul mates and their love is so adorable. 

Their wedding location was magical. It was on a small lake about 2 hours north of San Francisco called Leonard lake. The green in the trees and in the water was amazing and whimsical. Also, we stayed in cabins right on the lake for two nights which meant lot's of quality bonding time over meals, bonfires and setting up decorations!

These girls are some of my very best friends from high school so it was so much fun catching up and dancing the night away together. The weekend was definitely one of my favorites!

Congrats to Kelly & Tyler :)


Monday, May 5, 2014

A quick visit to Utah

Whenever we visit Utah, we have a list of things that we always do.

First, we love taking my siblings and their friends to Orange Leaf! It's definitely my favorite yogurt place in Utah. Plus, these kids are hilarious and so fun to be around.

Next, we always spend time with Shane & Hannah and their adorable little ones :)

Hiking to timp cave is something we love to do at least one morning. It's a great workout plus you get views like this!

Lastly, we like to spend time with my dad down out his shop. His always up to something a little random like driving backhoes around, ha!

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