Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Montauk, New York

We took our second annual trip to Montauk this June with Dallin's family. Montauk is all the way at the very end of Long Island, right next to the Hamptons, and we rented a beach house there for a few nights.

It's quite a long drive from Boston, so we first stayed two nights in Manhattan to break up the drive and enjoy the city. I love New York City so much (who doesn't?), so I'm glad that we've been able to come here so often!

We grabbed brunch at Jack's Wife Freda which was soo good!

And we walked all over the city, which mostly involves walking between yummy places to eat :) There's too much good food here. We got smoothies from Joe & the Juice which were delicious, walked all over West Village and through Central Park, stopped at the Plaza hotel to let Olivia play in the Eloise store (so adorable and pink!), grabbed a treat in the Plaza hotel food hall, walked through Rockefeller center, and more. Love this city!

Olivia loved playing in Central Park. I'm 30 weeks pregnant now- this pregnancy has gone by so fast! I can't believe our little boy will be here so soon.

On the way to Montauk, we stopped in the Hamptons to drive through the neighborhoods along the ocean because we wanted to see the beautiful homes. Unfortunately, you can't really see the homes because they all have huge hedges that block them. The ones we could peak at though were stunning!

After, we grabbed lunch at Gurney's Montauk Resort. This place is so nice and I couldn't believe we had the whole beach to ourselves! Also, I loved that Olivia's outfit unintentionally perfectly matched their beach chairs, so I had to snap some pictures.

I would love to stay here one of these summers.

Our first day in Long Island we spent the morning walking Main street in Sag Harbor with Dallin's family. The shops are so adorable! And we grabbed lunch at LT burger which was seriously the best burger I've ever had.

We, of course, spent the rest of the time playing at the beach!

These are Olivia's cousins Jack, Teddy, and Grant. They are the best to her! It's so nice being around them because they entertain her, try to get her to talk and walk, make her laugh, and it makes my job easier :) Olivia took four steps this trip (the most she's ever taken-she's not walking yet but getting close) and I swear it's from spending time around the boys.  Love these boys so much!

We spent most of the time at Ditch Plains Beach, which is gorgeous.

The ocean color is amazing!

Olivia absolutely loved playing in the sand. Though, crawling around in it totally ruined her new swimsuit! How do you get sand out of a swimsuit?!

Brittany and Derek are moving to California in July and we're so sad about it! We're going to miss spending time with them and their cute boys so much!

The house we rented how beach cruiser bikes that were so fun to ride around the neighborhood and a little hammock to swing on too!

We had such a great trip and hope to go back again soon!


Friday, June 2, 2017

Rockport, MA

There's so many beautiful days trips to do in New England and I have a list of cities I want to see this summer. So last weekend we went to Rockport, it's only an hour away from our home. The Proposal was filmed here and it's such a cute town! We first walked Bearskin Neck road and I couldn't resist taking a picture of Olivia with all the lobster buoys. 

There's so many cute shops and places to eat on this street. And, nothing says New England charm quite like a shingle style house!

This fishing shack is called Motif #1 and is the most painted building in America apparently!

We of course grabbed lobster rolls (Dallin's favorite).

They let you hold the lobsters here if you want too, so I grabbed one to show Olivia. She was a little confused ha!

This place gives out free fudge samples- yum!

On the way out, we grabbed THE BEST chocolate chip ice cream. I can't remember the name of the place, but it's like the first ice cream place along the road. I would go back here just for that.

I'm 28 weeks pregnant now! We can't wait for this little boy to get here soon.

We ended our day by walking along Singing Beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea. It's gorgeous and I can't wait to come here again this summer when the weather is warmer :)


Monday, May 29, 2017

Las Vegas Girls Trip

A few weekends ago, I went to Vegas to do a girls trip with some of my best friends from college (some friends couldn't make it and we missed them!). We all live in different places now–San Francisco, LA, Arizona, Utah, Seattle, Dallas, Boston, DC–so we don't get to see each other very often! In fact, I haven't seen some of these girls in over a year, so it was great to have lots of time to chat and catch up.

We mostly just laid out by the pool every day to soak in the sun, swim, and chat. It was 95 degrees both days which was amazing!

Each night we ate at the Cosmopolitan because they have some cute restaurants. We ate at Holsteins one night (such great burgers & amazing big shakes!). And another night we grabbed drinks at Beauty and Essex and desserts at the Milk Bar

It was extra fun because 6 of us are pregnant (we're missing one here). Four of us below are having baby boys with due dates super close to each other. Yay for babies!

Love these beautiful friends of mine so much!

Of course, we took some bump pics!

We're hoping to make this an annual college reunion trip–until next year! 

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