Sunday, November 5, 2017


There's nothing quite like Fall in New England! We love driving through Vermont around the first weekend in October to see all of the leaves. The trees are so colorful, and it's become one of our favorite traditions! Here's what we did in Vermont:
  • Woodstock: Sleepy Hollow Farm, Jenne Farm, Sugarbush Farm, and downtown
  • Stowe: Gondola at Stowe Mountain Lodge, Cold Hollow Cider Mill, Lake Elmore, and Grandview Barn
  • Warren: Camel's Hump Alpaca Farm & Blueberry Lake
We spent our first day in Woodstock with some friends and saw a bunch of farms. First, we drove to see Sleepy Hollow Farm which was so picturesque. 

The drive to get there was gorgeous, I love the bright yellow leaves.

We then went downtown Woodstock to walk around. Lot's of places were decorated with pumpkins for Halloween😊


Saturday, November 4, 2017

Happy Halloween

Every year we dress up as a family theme and this year we chose to be the wizard of oz. Happy Halloween from Dorthy, the lion, the scarecrow, and the tin man! 

Since moving to Boston, we've spent every Halloween in Beacon Hill- it's the best! We always meet up with friends and walk around together. Every stoop is adorably decorated, they go all out! And it's so fun to see everyone's costumes. This stoop below was my favorite this year.

Olivia was the cutest little Dorthy! I love that I found her red sparkle moccasins😍

And Ryan was so tiny in his cute costume.

Happy Halloween!


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Fall Traditions: Cranberry Festival, Apple Picking, & Pumpkin Patch

Since moving to New England, we look forward to doing so many traditions together as a family every Fall! A few of these traditions include:

  • Wading in the bogs at the Cranberry Festival
  • Apple picking (and eating apple cider donuts!) at a farm
  • Going to a pumpkin patch with friends
  • Driving through Vermont to see all the colorful leaves

We had so much fun at the Cranberry Festival in Cape Cod this year! It's so neat to see how they harvest cranberries. We threw on some waders and walked around the bogs, trying our best not to fall in!

Olivia had fun picking up cranberries, though she wouldn't eat any of them.

We got a whole bunch of our friends to join us in the bogs which made the day extra fun! Unfortunately, we had a few friends accidentally slip into the water right after taking this group picture😬

Here's some pictures of all our great friends that joined us-

I love these two💕

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