Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia was one of our favorite places!! The highlight here was definitely Sugar Bay beach. It's a little, beautiful beach tucked right in between the two famous pitons on a luxury resort. Even though it's on a nice hotel, the beach is public beach so anyone can go.

There were water hammocks in the ocean that you could lay in. I love these things! We could have just stayed out there all day.

How cute are these little tiki umbrellas on the beach:)

With a view like this it's hard to leave. On one side, we saw the Grand Piton...

and on the other side of us was the Petit Piton...

and behind us was this is the amazing resort! We felt like we were in a little piece of heaven (we looked up this resort online after and found that it's like $2,500 a night to stay here in their private villas. So crazy!)

We had more we wanted to see, so we made the drive back to Pigeon island. On the way, it was fun to see all of the pretty views and watch the local life.

For example, there were little buildings just like the one below painted with Coke's Live Positively slogan everywhere, seriously we saw one like every mile (great marketing Coke!).

We drove through this cute little town called Soufriere-

and took a short little video of one of the main streets:


I loved all of the colorful houses!

We did the short hike at Piegon Island to see the fort and the pretty views, and then ended the day by swimming at the beaches below. Saint Lucia is one of the most green and beautiful places, we loved every minute exploring here.


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