Sunday, January 29, 2017

Baby Checklist!

When I was pregnant, I made a little checklist of all the baby things we needed to buy to keep me organized. A couple of my friends asked for it, so I thought I'd share it here too! (You can download it in a PDF here)
Below are the things that I bought on this list, I put links to them all in red! I only have one baby so I'm definitely no expert but this is what I've used & loved :)

First things first, sign up for Lucie's List emails! You enter your due date and it emails once a week with things you need to be thinking about- it's SO helpful! Also, download The Bump app on your phone. These were my two favorite things to read weekly.


Burp cloths: I just use cloth diapers as burp cloths and they work great

Bibs: I like these Aden & Anais ones best (plain white ones are great too). Once your baby starts eating solid foods, you need a Make My Day bib! It's the best because you only need one and you just throw it in the dishwasher each night (this is my go-to baby gift now). I also sometimes use the ones that fully cover their clothes because eating solid foods can get real messy!

Boppy: You'll want a boppy pillow if you're nursing! I get back pain very easily, so I used this all of the time and it really helped me

Nursing cover: Covered goods has really cute nursing covers that also double as car seat covers

Bottles: I like the Advent Bottles because they are 11oz which makes it easier to shake up the formula since they are bigger. With bottles, make sure you use the right nipple size! Otherwise it will take so long to feed your baby. I used nipple size 4 (the largest size) even when my baby was like 3 months

Bottle brush cleaner: OXO Tot Bottle Brush

Drying rack: I use this Boon Grass drying rack every day for my bottles, pacifiers, etc

Breast pump: I got the Medela Pump in Style Advanced for free through my health insurance- I believe all insurance companies now cover the cost for a pump, so call yours to get a free one

Breast milk storage bags: Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags

Formula: There are so many different brands, so I recommend talking to your pediatrician about this to find the best option for your baby

High chair: I really like the look of the 4moms high chair! I have the Boon high chair which has wheels so I can easily move it around the room

Spoons: these

Bumbo: The Bumbo is great to start using once your baby can hold their head up! Then you can bring them to sit by you

Food: When Olivia started eating solid foods, I liked to have baby mum mums to feed her on the go. They dissolve easily so I don't have to worry about choking. These pouches are also great! Also, we have these 3 sippy cups: gerber, munchkin (doesn't spill when they tip it over), and contigo kids water bottles


Diapers: When Olivia was first born, I used Pampers Swaddlers because that's what our hospital used and they gave me tons of free ones to take home. I really like them because they have a line that turns a different color if they pee so you can track/make sure they are eating enough. When she got a little bigger (probably around 3 months?), I starting using Huggies/Costco brand because they are a little thicker and hold a little better. At that time, I also started using Overnight diapers when I put her to bed since she was sleeping much longer stretches at night and supposedly they hold better for that (anything to help them sleep longer right?:)

Wipes: My favorite is definitely Costco Kirkland baby wipes! I also like to use Noodle & Boo cleansing cloths on Olivia in between baths to keep her smelling good (mostly on her neck since she spits up so much)

Diaper bag: I have the Fawn Design bag and LOVE it! It's so convenient that's it's a backpack. I saw Freshly Picked has a similar bag!

Changing table & changing pad: I have this changing pad on the top of Olivia's dresser

Changing pad covers: You'll definitely need at least 2 changing pad covers for when one gets dirty and needs to be washed

Portable changing pads: This portable changing pad is great to have on top of your changing pad cover at home because it's easier to wipe off when it gets dirty, rather than having to wash the entire changing cover all of the time

Diaper rash ointment: I switch off between Baby Aquaphor and Desitin which both clear up diaper rash

Diaper pail & bags: The Ubbi steel diaper pail is so nice to have so you don't have to run outside to the trash every time you change a diaper

Diaper bag dispenser: It's great to have one of these bags in your diaper bag. Sometimes you aren't near a trash can and you need to store a dirty diaper with you, so these are nice because they mask the smell and mess. Also, if your baby has a little blow out and you need to change their outfit, it's nice to put their dirty outfit in one of these bags so it doesn't get your diaper bag or car dirty

Room Spray: Not necessary, but I love spraying this Noodle & Boo spray in the room after I change a poopy diaper



Crib: I got mine at Wayfair

Crib mattress: I just bought this basic crib mattress since it had the most reviews on Amazon

Crib mattress pad cover: I bought this mattress pad cover to protect the mattress

Fitted crib sheets: You'll definitely want at least 2 crib sheets for when one gets dirty and you need to wash it!

Swaddle blankets: My favorite swaddle blankets are from Little Unicorn! I love all of their patterns and designs. Aiden & Anais blankets are great quality and super popular

Receiving blanket & lovey: Little Giraffe blankets are so, so soft! Olivia sleeps with this little pink blanky every night

Sleep sack: The Halo sleepsack is great to keep your baby warm in at night since they recommend not using blankets in the crib, and this one is thicker for winter time. I also like these with arms for newborns

Owlet sock: I felt so much anxiety the first month I brought Olivia home because she was so little and fragile to me! I always wanted to check on her when she was sleeping, but I needed to get sleep too! So, we got the Owlet sock which monitors your baby's heart rate and connects with an app on your phone. It seriously helped me feel so much better and sleep without feeling like I needed to check on her every two seconds. It's expensive, but it was worth it for me


Clothing brands: Baby Gap, Hanna Andersson (best PJs, look for sales!), Zara babyJanie and JackH&M BabyKicKee PantsNordstrom babyOld Navy baby to name a few favorites...

Footed sleepers: My favorite pajamas are ones that have zippers! Zippers are so much easier and quicker than buttons for those middle-of-the-night diaper changes. I also like ones that have hand covers to keep them from scratching themselves. I found these at Target recently and love that the zipper is inverted to help keep baby warm during diaper changes!

Shoes: Freshly Picked are so cute! Here's some cheaper moccasins 

Snowsuit: Bodysuits like this are great to bundle them in when it's cold outside. I also got a snowsuit from Baby Gap. Also, these 7am mittens are great

Swim: Not a necessity at all, but the Otteroo baby floatie is so fun & hilarious! We took Olivia swimming with this and it was the cutest thing! She loved being in the water and giggled the whole time. Make sure to use a swim diaper if you take your baby in a pool. Also, these canopy floats are popular because they shade baby from the sun. I personally have this pink flamingo one :)


Hooded bath towels & washcloths: Pottery barn has cute options!

Infant bathtub: I have the Eurobath and like it, the only thing though is it's kind of big to store (this tub is a smaller option)

Shampoo & body wash: My favorite is Noodle & Boo because it smells so good!

Baby lotion: Noodle & Boo too!


Infant car seat: I have the Uppababy infant car seat - there's so much padding for Olivia's head and it clicks right in with my stroller. If I didn't get this, then I would have bought the Nuna Pipa infant car seat because it's so light!

Car seat cover: I just use my Covered Goods one

Pad to put under car seat: This protects the seat in your car

Backseat car mirror: Back seat mirror - so you can see and check on your baby when you are driving  in the car

Stroller: We want to have our first two kids really close together, so I knew that I wanted to buy a double stroller right from the start. I bought the Uppababy Vista and I'm obsessed with it! I also bought the travel bag so that I can keep it protected when I fly (the travel bag is also insurance, so if your stroller get damaged while flying Uppababy will replace your stroller for free). Also, you'll want this organizer for your phone and this snack tray

Baby carrier: I recommend going to a store that sells all of the top baby carriers and trying them on with the fake baby for weight to test which feels best for you. I tried on the ergo and bjorn, but they actually really hurt my back! So I ended up getting the Beco carrier because it was the only one that didn't hurt my back. So, I think this is one of those things you need to try on for yourself to see what fits you the best since they all fit differently on different bodies

Portable crib: The Baby Bjorn travel crib light is great because the mattress is soft. Also, this only weighs 13 lbs so it's light to pack and carry

Swing / bouncy seat: 4moms Mamaroo Olivia loves this! I also like that it doesn't take up too much space in our place

Infant lounger: This boppy newborn lounger is a must! When Olivia was a newborn, I put her in this when I wasn't holding her - it's so convenient. Some people use a moses basket instead

Exersaucer: We have this one and she has a lot of fun playing in it

Winter gear: Olivia now sits in her seat, so I got this black Uppababy footmuff to keep her warm outside during the winter months. If she's in the car seat, then I use a stroller bag/blanket


Rocking chair

Sound machine: Babies sleep well with white noise so we have this machine in her nursery

Baby monitor: I wanted a monitor that connects with an app on my phone so I could check on Olivia if I'm out and she's at home with a babysitter :)

Hamper: Petit Pehr has super cute options

Crib soother / mobile: Crib soother - this thing totally mesmerizes Olivia. Sometimes if she's fussy, we turn this thing on and it calms her down

Activity mat: Skip Hop activity gymFisher price kick and play piano gym - Olivia loved playing in things like these


Pacifiers: Olivia loves the Nuk ones. You could try a few to see what your baby likes! A friend gave me the WubbaNub pacifier which I think lots like because it's easy for the baby to find in their crib at night

Nail clippers & nail file: Fridababy nail clippers and file! For the first month, usually you are only able to file their nails down since there's still skin attached. After that, I started using these clippers which have a little safety hole in them so you can see exactly what you are cutting. I've never cut her skin with these, they're the best clippers

Thermometer: Vicks Baby Thermometer (you need this one to give an accurate temperature reading to your doctor if they have a fever) & this ear Thermometer and caps are easy

Hand sanitizer: These sprays are great to keep in your diaper bag and one for at home for guests to use before they hold your newborn

Nasal aspirator: I just use the one the hospital gave us (looks like this)

Newborn laundry detergent: I use Dreft detergent (love the smell!) and Oxiclean baby to wash Olivia's clothes. I also use Oxi Clean spray to get all of those spit-up/poopy stains out!

Baby sunscreen: Babyganics Sunscreen

Humidifier: I have this one

Infant Tylenol: Buy one that's dye free!

Toothbrush: Once they get a tooth, let them chew on something like this after eating. Now that Olivia has tons of teeth, I brush her teeth everyday using Dr. Brown's toothpaste and the Fridababy toothbrush, I like that this toothbrush hugs the teeth on all sides


Stuffed animals: Jelly cats are so soft!

Books: There are so many adorable children's books! At this stage, Olivia loves books that she can touch and feel like this and this. She also loves nursery rhyme books that play music so we can sing to her like this and this. Other bedtime books she likes are here and here

Teething toys: Sophie the Giraffe is Olivia's favorite!

Rattles, rings, & toys: Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes is a lifesaver! If Olivia is crying in the car and I give her this toy she immediately stops! She also likes this light-up rattle 


Nursing bra & pads: This Nursing bra is great and comfy to sleep in. I like these nursing bras from Soma that have more support when going out, you can buy 2 for $59. And you'll want nursing pads

Lanolin nipple cream: Here! I also used these Medela hydrogel pads a few times

Water bottle: If you're nursing you're going to be SO thirsty, and it's important to drink lot's of water!

Baby journal: You'll want a journal to write down all of the cute milestones and adorable things your baby does! I got this journal

Books: I did a lot of reading to prep for my first baby. The best books I read were: The Baby Sleep Solution (this book taught me how to "sleep train" Olivia and worked like a dream! It also gives a great schedule to follow), What to Expect When You're ExpectingBaby WiseYOU: Having a Baby, and Bringing Up Bebe,  If you only buy one book though then you need to buy the Baby Sleep Solution.

And here's one more printable: Hospital Bag Checklist

**I recently made a Toddler Checklist, see that here!

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