Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Toddler Checklist

When Olivia was a baby, I made a Baby Checklist of things I used and loved. Now that Olivia is a toddler, I thought I'd make a little Toddler Checklist of all the things that have helped me 💛


Crib rail cover: Olivia started chewing on her crib rails, and I didn't want her to get paint in her mouth or ruin our crib so I got these crib rail covers- they work great! I just wash them every so often

Safety gate: I use this Regalo gate to block off our kitchen. I like it because it open up, so I never have to jump over it!

Dresser clips: I have Munchkin Clips on lots of dressers in my house now! They are on all of the dressers in the nursery. I didn't want the kids throwing all the folded clothes out, but more importantly, I heard stories about kids sitting in the drawers which makes the dresser tip over and hurt them. So, I didn't want them to be able to open the drawers to be safe!

Corner guards: Our kitchen table and benches have sharp corners, so I put these corner guards over the edges

Door stopper: This invention is so smart!! If there is a room you don't want the kids to go into, just put one of these door guards up on it. Another nice things about these is that kids can't open/close the door, so no fingers get pinched :) They are so simple to use too, and cheap (easier than having a gate)

Slide lock: I use these on lower cabinets the kids can reach


Toy holder: This Regalo bath toy holder is great for holding all your bath toys. It sticks right to the shower wall and you can quickly scoop up all the toys in the water once you're done with bath time

Bath spout cover: This cover protects your baby from bumping into the bath spout

Bath toys: Some of Olivia's favorites are: these cups, animals that squirt water, letters to stick on the wall, jellies that stick on the wall

Bath Soap: My favorite is still Noodle & Boo!


Window sunshades: Anything like this will work!

Bin for car toys: We have a little bin in our car filled with car toys


Toothbrush: I like the Fridababy toothbrush because the brush is 3-sided and cleans all sides of the teeth at once. Just recently though Olivia has been fighting when we try to brush her teeth, so I bought an electric toothbrush which has helped! She thinks it's so fun and likes to try to use it herself


Plates and bowls: Plates and bowls, any kind will do!

Forks & spoons: Any kind work!

Pool/beach: At the beach/pool, I like to put Olivia in a Speedo swim vest

Books: So many books! Olivia loves lift the flap books, books that make sounds, books she can touch/feel, etc

Water bottles: I like the Contigo kids water bottles


There's obviously millions of toys, but here's some of Olivia's favorites...

Stroller: This is number one! Olivia plays with this every day. We have this one, but this one looks cute too

Ikea kitchen: Olivia loves this Ikea play kitchen! Get the cute pots and pans, utensils, and baking kit for it too from Ikea

Ride on toy: Another favorite! Occupies her for a long time

Ikea kid table: We also have this kid table from Ikea which is great for Olivia to sit at and do coloring, play dough and toys, puzzles, eat, etc. She uses it every day for activities!

Micro mini scooter: I always bring this to the park! She loves riding it around. This is the helmet she wears with it

Magnetic drawing board: Any kind will do

Coloring: We spend lots of time coloring with crayons

Magnetic tiles: I can't remember the exact kind we have, but she loves magnetic tiles

Water wow pad: Nice for plane flights

Phones: Toy phone, flip phone

Mega blocks: Here

Bike: Dallin will take Olivia to the park on this bike all the time

Animals: Little animals, these look cute, Olivia loves playing with toy animals and making animal sounds

Pop up toy: Any works!

Toddler Backpack: I just bought the Skip Hop backpack for our plane flight and packed it with toys for Olivia to play with on the flight. I like this backpack because it clips in the front, so it doesn't fall off of her

Lawn mower: My parents have this lawn mower toy at their house and Olivia plays with it for hours

Car: My parents also have this toddler car at their house and she loves it!


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Olivia's Two-tti Fruity Birthday Party!

Olivia turned two years old! To celebrate, we threw her a "Two-tti Fruity" birthday party at this place downtown Boston called Little Lovage Club. I can't believe my baby girl is already TWO! Where did that time go?

I liked this theme because it was easy to find lots of fruit patterned things- Liv's little lemon dress was my favorite😌

Every year on our kid's birthdays I want to take a picture of us kissing their cheeks. I love "tradition pictures" so we can line them up in years to come!

At the party, we had brunch for our friends, which consisted of lots of fruit to match our theme.

Olivia loved when everyone sang to happy birthday to her, it was so sweet.

She has so many cute friends her age! It's been so fun having babies at the same time as my friends and watching them all grow and turn into toddlers together. 

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