Monday, July 10, 2017

Bills Family Vacation in Park City

This summer, we had our annual Bills family vacation in Park City (last year we went to the Outer Banks in North Carolina!). I always look forward to these trips because it's so fun having all of the grandkids together! They are such hilarious and awesome kids. 

Here's all of Olivia's cousins lined up from oldest to youngest: Sophia, Oliver, Landon, Jack, Chloe, Zooey, Teddy, Reese, Brady, Grant, Dean, Olivia, and Gwen. They are the best!

Our hotel was right on Main Street in Park City- such a fun location! We were there on the Fourth of July and they had a little parade on Main Street that morning. 

I love how happy this little girl is!

All the kids were chanting "USA" all day long😂 Here's a picture of them mid-chant during the parade.

Later that night we watched fireworks on the golf course here, it was dreamy!

The kids all played soccer while we waited for the sun to set.

The next day, we did a short hike in Park City to a beautiful lake. I couldn't believe how pretty the views were!! Utah is so gorgeous. 

All of the kids jumped in the lake even though the water was freezing! Can you see the snow still on the ground in the background? So cold!

Here's the kids, post-hike and all dirty!

Another day, we went boating on Jordanelle Reservoir. 

Here's baby Gwen, born just 3 months after Olivia! I'm so grateful for this because this will be Olivia's only cousin her age. None of my siblings are going to have kids anytime soon (only one of my siblings is even married) and all of Dallin's siblings are done having kids. So, at least Olivia will have one cousin her age :)

Dallin's cousins took us out on their boat. I was surprised how Olivia calmly sat on my lap the whole time - she's so wiggly and runs around everywhere these days so it was nice to have her cuddle me for once for longer than 2 minutes ha!

At night, we made s'mores. Yum!

We also celebrated Gwen's 1st birthday. She loved her cake!

This was the view from our hotel. Love Park City!

The last night, we took some family pictures. Here's the whole crew-

Tyson & Kathy's family-

Shane & Hannah's family-

Brittany & Derek's family-

My two favorites-

Until next family trip!


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