Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Ogunquit, Maine

Our great friends Brooke & Jordan came to visit Boston this weekend! There's so many fun day trips to take around here, so we decided to head up to Maine and see Ogunquit. Here's what we did:
  • Bald Head Cliff
  • Perkins Cove
  • Marginal Way
  • Ogunquit Beach
First, we took a quick stop to see Bald Head Cliff which was gorgeous!

And I couldn't believe how pretty that water color was. Also, I'm 33 weeks pregnant - only 7 more weeks until our baby boy is here!

Then, we headed up the road to walk around Perkins Cove to see the cute shops and grab some lunch. I wish we could have taken one of those boats out on the water!

Since we were in Maine, of course we had to eat lobster for lunch.

Dallin's favorite food is lobster, so he ordered this whole one for himself - I couldn't believe how big (and expensive) it was!

He was pretty happy about his meal though😋

We tried giving Olivia some, but of course she wouldn't try it. Why is it so hard to get babies to eat? 

After lunch, we walked Marginal Way. It's a walk right along the water and just so gorgeous!

Olivia liked it too!

Another day, we walked all over Boston to see all the touristy things with them. Of course we walked through the public garden and rode the swan boats.

Later that night, we went to my first Red Sox game! I loved it. The stadium is so old and cool.

I've had a Red Sox shirt for over a year now that I've been dying to wear to a game. Even though I'm pregnant & big, I decided to try and squeeze into it anyways!🙈

We love when friends visit!

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