Monday, November 14, 2016

Outer Banks Family Vacation

For the Bills family summer vacation this year we went to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Dallin's parents rented a big house on the beach for us all to stay in and man this place is amazing! The water is crazy warm and the sand is so soft. 

I love spending time with all of my adorable nieces and nephews! They are hilarious and such great kids.

We were there for 7 days and did a ton of fun things. We flew kites...

and played in the sand...

floated in the ocean on tubes...

did some surfing (these little kids are better than me!)...

& watched the pretty sunsets.

Taking a baby to the beach is kind of tricky. The first time I took Olivia to the beach was in Boston and she just got covered in sand - I felt so bad. So when we got to the Outer Banks we decided that it would be so much easier if we let her hang out in a box to keep the sand off of her, ha! I know it looks janky but it worked out so well! She could play with her toys sand-free :) When I got home, I actually found a great baby tent online that I use now, but this worked in the meantime.

I really wanted Olivia to be able to come in the pool with us, so I bought this little infloatie online. It's called the otteroo and she LOVED it. She giggled the whole time. We thought it was so funny because it makes her look like just a floating head lol

We had so much fun & I definitely want to do another family vacation here soon!

At the end of the week we took a few family photos. Look at these cute kids!

Shane & Hannah's family-

All of the Bills-

Derek & Brittany's family-

And us!

I'm counting down the days until we get to visit here again!

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