Thursday, June 1, 2017

Life Lately - Spring in Boston

Here's a few things we've been up too the last few months! Whenever there's a sunny day, we usually go to Walden Pond. It's only 20 minutes away from my house so we love going here!

Olivia spends a lot of time with sweet baby Eden, they're only one month apart :)

My favorite thing to do in the spring/summer in Boston is picnic in the Public Garden! We throw down blankets and let the babies play together (Olivia's always stealing other baby's sippy cups).

Love all of these ladies!

We checked out the Brimfield Market, which apparently is the largest flea market in the US. There was so much cool stuff there- I didn't buy anything but had fun looking and browsing.

Here's one of the cutest things we found at the market...

We've been shopping at cute baby stores in Beacon Hill...

My friends took me out to get desserts for my birthday at the Top of the Hub restaurant downtown. So sweet of them! And yes, that's fog out the windows. We're 52 floors up and supposed to be able to see views of the city haha next time I guess!

We got to hang out with my friend and her adorable triplets (they were born just a month before Olivia)

She really is super mom!

 it was fun to see Justin Bieber post the video I took of Zooey and Olivia last summer on his Instagram account - LOL

I help teach cub scouts every Thursday. This week we took the boys on a mini hike...

We take Olivia to swing in the swing at the playground right by our house all the time. This particular day was Easter, so we put some bunny ears on her:)

It's magical when the tulips come to the Boston Public Garden. They're only there for like 3 weeks!

We love backyard pizza nights...

Comparing my 1 year old baby picture to Olivia on her 1st birthday!

We celebrated Kenzi's birthday by getting Boston Cream Pie at the Omni Parker House.

Grabbing lobster rolls in Rockport, MA...

and hiking in Gloucester after!

Our friend Amy came to visit us, we miss her living here!

Enjoying views of the city at a park...

Olivia eating out of her highchair...

Loving pool days...

Cheering on all the Boston Marathon Runners at Heartbreak Hill!


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