Sunday, January 3, 2016

Vietnam: Hanoi & Scooter Tour

Vietnam is beautiful! We loved exploring Hoa Lu Tam Coc on our first day there. During our last two days in Vietnam, we did a street food tour, got massages at a nice hotel, saw a traditional water puppet show, and did a scooter tour of the city.

Street vendors are everywhere selling fresh fruit and vegetables. Yum! We ate a bunch of these fresh foods that night during a street food tour that our hotel set up for us. 

The street food tour was awesome! A cute Vietnamese woman was our guide and she showed us the best places to eat street food. We walked around to all of the different places to eat for about two hours. We just had a few bites at each place so that we wouldn't get too full. All of the food we ate with our guide was so fresh and delicious! (I can't believe how cheap street food is. We ate at like 10 different places on the tour and each meal was like less than a dollar each to feed all 3 of us. Crazy!). She taught us about Vietnam and we learned a lot from her.

I loved these baby pineapples :)

We also spent a few hours walking the streets and exploring the local life. The roads are filled with scooters (not cars). Everyone rides a scooter on the roads and there are hardly any street lights which makes it kind of chaotic. At an intersection, everyone just goes in all directions at the same time and it is kind of scary crossing the street since you are worried you will get hit, haha. Eventually we got the hang of it.

Can you believe how many boxes this person fit on the back of their scooter? I'm impressed.

We walked to the downtown lake area.

That night, I took a little video of what the night life was like. The streets were filled with people and I loved the energy! 

We saw these little blue chairs used everywhere!

Walking around gave us a little glimpse of what local life is like. I couldn't believe how many wires were over our head most of the time.

Cute kiddos!

We also got a Vietnamese couples massage and a body scrub at a fancy hotel downtown. It was pouring rain outside, so we decided to do something indoors for a bit. It was so relaxing (not to mention cheap!). 

Also, here is what our room looked like at the Hanoi Elegance Emerald Hotel (we loved our hotel!). They gave us two beds for some reason so we pushed them together and had one jumbo bed.

The hotel also gave us fresh watermelon juice and fruit as a welcome gift.

For lunch, we ate at the Green Mango and it was super good. Mango sticky rice for dessert is my favorite :)

On the last morning, we woke up early and did a scooter tour of Hanoi before we caught our flight to Cambodia that afternoon. It was great! We got to see all of Hanoi, and eat a great lunch with our guides. There were four people that took just Dallin and I around the city, and we learned so much from them. 

They gave us all ear pieces so we could chat with each other as we drove around. We went to all of the main attractions in Hanoi.

I was a little nervous since there are so many scooters on the road and no one follows traffic signs. The scooters just weave in between each other from all directions. But, it turns out that they drive really slow so it actually felt fine. It was a great tour and we had a blast in Vietnam.



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