Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Phi Phi Islands

The Phi Phi islands are so dreamy! There are beautiful islands in every direction you look, the water feels just as warm as a bath tub, and the ocean is a pretty seafoam green color. What could be better:) I'm so glad that we ended our trip in Thailand so that we could just relax, swim, and soak up the sun.

We took the ferry over (which took about 2 hours) and stayed one night in a hotel on the islands. Both days, we hired a water taxi to take us around. During that time, we explored all over Phi Phi Leh and Phi Phi Don. Here's all of the places we explored below:

Of course, we went to the famous Maya Bay. Here's a tip: if you go early in the morning or late in the afternoon, then you can have the whole bay practically to yourself. It gets really packed over lunch time. We visited Maya Bay both days because we liked it so much!

Don't mind this woman who photobombed all of our pictures here, haha!

I bought two Seafolly swimsuits for the trip and loved them! (I bought them on amazon because they were cheaper but Anthropologie also sells them).

There were just a few people on Bamboo Island, it's pretty small. Do you see how crystal clear that water is though?

The Phi Phi Islands were hit very bad during the tsunami over 10 years ago, and Bamboo island was interesting because there is debris that hasn't been cleaned up since the tsunami.

Next, we made our way to Mosquito Island which has the best snorkeling! We brought some bread with us to feed the fishes, and man did the fishes come swarming around us to eat it up. It was crazy, and this was probably the best snorkeling spot we went to in Thailand.

Our driver had snorkel gear for us to use in his boat. We also used the life vests to float on in the water as we snorkeled sometimes.

Next, we went swimming by Loh Lana. We didn't stay here long though because the water wasn't clear enough to snorkel.

Then, we drove by these amazing limestone rocks by Nui Bay. I feel like pictures don't even do it justice of how pretty it really was!

We also stopped by Monkey beach to see all of the monkeys. But we didn't stay long because they started following us and we got a little freaked out, lol! One guy we met there showed us all of these pictures he took on his phone with the monkeys sitting on his lap and eating out of his hand. They were really cool, but I don't think I'd be brave enough to let wild monkeys that close to me! 

We then went to the places at Phi Phi Leh island.

This was our cute water taxi driver. He was hilarious and even came snorkeling with us. We miss him! Watching his life made us think of the fisherman and the businessman analogy. He really does live such a fun life getting to hang out on these islands everyday, we are jealous!

We went snorkeling around the corner from Maya Bay in a place called Loh Sama which was so beautiful!

Dallin and I got pretty sunburned this day though, oops!

My favorite place of them all was Pileh Lagoon. We pulled into the cove around ~5:00pm, so it was low tide. Our driver had to go so slow because of how low the tide was. 

This lagoon was the best place to swim. The water came up to my waste and was crystal clear (so clear that we even found 6 dollars in the water:)

I kept telling Dallin that I wanted to find a starfish while we were snorkeling. When we pulled into the lagoon, it was so shallow and we saw a starfish on the ground! I was so excited and Dallin jumped in to pick it up.

I love how it was bright orange!

All of these tiny fishes started jumping around our boat as we drove away, and I took a little video of it below.

We went back to Pileh Lagoon the next morning, but it felt like a totally different place because the water was so high. There were tons of people cliff jumping off of the rocks now since it was deep.

On the way back, we saw Viking's Cave. 

We stayed at the Cabana Hotel, it was a great location! It's about a 2 minute walk from where the ferry station dropped us off at and it has it's own private beach.

We rented the water taxi each day on the beach right behind our hotel, which was convenient.

We stayed our last night in Phuket at the JW Marriot and boy was it the best!

You can get a Thai massage right on the beach for super cheap.

We watched the sunset over some yummy pina coladas, my favorite.

They hotel put on a fire and drum show on the water that night too.

This was the room. Man, I want to go back! Too bad we could only afford to stay one night here LOL

We loved the Phi Phi islands! While in Thailand, we also went to Pang Nga Bay and to Bangkok, those posts will be coming soon.

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