Sunday, January 10, 2016


We ended our vacation by spending a day and a half in Bangkok before finally flying home. I have to say, my favorite part about Bangkok is that you can get a great Thai massage for super cheap (I love massages, so more on this below!).

Our first day in Bangkok, we headed to see the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. It takes over an hour to drive there from Bangkok, and then you can only get to the market by boat which is part of the fun. At the market, there are tons of yummy fresh fruits and vegetables being sold by people from inside of their boats.

You can take a boat ride through the market, but we decided to walk along the outsides so that we could also check out all of the souvenir shops.

They were trying to charge us, but you could not pay me enough money to take a photo holding that snake ah!

This little guy on the other hand...

How yummy does all of this fresh fruit look!

We ate some of the star fruit, which is actually shaped like a star!

We had a lot of fun walking through and exploring the market.

On the drive to the market that morning, we stopped at a coconut plantation and saw tons of products that are made with coconut.

Dallin even got to help!

Also, this cute guy was there...

The next day we stayed downtown and explored some of the temples. First, we stopped by the Grand Palace.

Then, we walked over to Wat Pho, which is also known as the reclining Buddha temple.

Inside of this temple, you can get the best Thai massage you will ever have! It cost $12 for one hour- Dallin and I went here twice, lol! It's a big open room and they give you clothes to wear there.

After our massage, we walked around the city some more. I love that the taxi cabs in Bangkok are bright pink! Also, the seats in the airport were bright pink too ;)

We also took a water taxi ride through all of the canals downtown. Here's our driver!

It was crazy to see some of the homes in the alleys on the water. 

Believe it or not, there are giant lizards there (almost the size of crocodiles) swimming in the water. I got so scared because we saw a ton of them!

It was a really hot day, so we had to hop in our hotel pool to cool off. I loved how the pool overlooked the city and river.

We ended the night by watching the sunset over the city. 

Our hotel room was super high up which gave us the best views of the city!

Here's a little peak at the room-

Cheers to a great trip!


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