Saturday, September 8, 2018

Summer in Boston

Our summer has been filled with tons of beach days and trips to flower farms - there's just so many great places to see here!

We went to Applecrest Farm Orchards in New Hampshire with some friends to play in their sunflower patch maze. While we were waiting for our friends to arrive, Olivia played in their flower patch out front. So beautiful!

We then headed to the sunflower patch maze, which was so cute! I couldn't believe how tall the sunflowers were, they towered over us.

This farm also had apple picking, so all the little girls started picking apples together. 

We definitely want to come back to this farm again next summer!

We went to Wingaersheek Beach lots of times - all the beaches in Gloucester are so beautiful.

We love this beach because when it's low tide, the water is so shallow and the kids can walk out super far in the ocean. There's also a sand bar, so we like to walk out to that and let the kids play there. So fun!

Of course, we also went flower picking at Parlee Farms! My favorite part might be getting mini apple cider donuts to go😋

Love my cute friends💛

Our babies are all around the same age - it's so fun having babies at the same time as your friends.

We also went to Good Harbor Beach - this might be my favorite because it's so pretty. There's gorgeous homes right on the water and an island in the distance.

We checked out deCordova Sculpture Park for the first time - the kids loved running around here.

They played in this sculpture for awhile, Ryan loved crawling in and out of the tunnels...

I 💛💛him!

We stopped by Drumlin Farm one morning to see all of the animals and check out the garden. This place is so close to our house!

We spent many afternoons at Walden Pond, eating a pizza dinner on the beach...

We also did Crane Beach, which is beautiful, but quite a haul from the car to the beach so I haven't been brave enough to go back yet...

And we also spent a morning at Colby Farms to let the girls play in the sunflower patch! 

I just wish summer could last longer- there's so much to do and I'm totally not ready for cold weather to come yet!


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