Monday, November 14, 2016

Martha's Vineyard

Since moving to Boston, I've been dying to go to Martha's Vineyard. I'm so glad that we were finally able to check it out this past weekend (even though it was really cold since it's the middle of November). I definitely want to come back here in the summer!

We took the last night ferry over and stayed at a hotel. In the morning, our first stop was to see Edgartown Lighthouse.

The walk to get there was so pretty, it looked like a painting.

After, we met friends for brunch at the Black Dog Tavern. It was great food and right on the water. I see people in Boston always wearing clothes from the The Black Dog store so it was fun to finally see this place.

Our friends took the ferry over bright & early that morning to meet us.

We went straight with them to see the Gingerbread houses and they are absolutely adorable! We walked the streets and checked them all out.

I've never seen so many pink homes in one neighborhood - this place is definitely my dream :)

They look like life size dollhouses and they each have a cute name. The Pink House (pictured above) is supposedly the most photographed house of them all.

Since the girls were taking so many pictures we figured the boys needed at least one in front of a blue house.

This neighborhood is seriously the cutest!

After falling in love with all of the gingerbread houses, we went to an Alpaca farm nearby.

It was cute to see baby Olivia petting a baby alpaca. This baby alpaca was only 5 weeks old!

Alpaca fur is so soft, I seriously wanted to buy all of the slippers they had in their gift shop.

We ended the day walking along the beach at Aquinnah Cliffs.

We can't wait to come back here again in the summer!


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