Thursday, July 14, 2016

London Part 2: Tea time, beautiful buildings & delicious desserts!

We had to have tea while in London since it's the British thing to do! I met up with some of my friends who were also in town at this place called Sketch to get tea. It is seriously the cutest place!

Everything was pink, so of course I loved it. It reminds me of a line from an Audrey Hepburn movie: "Red is dead, blue is through, green's obscene, brown's taboo. If you've got to think, think pink!".

The artwork on the walls were pretty funny too.

They brought us the prettiest looking desserts and sandwiches. Also the tea was delicious!

And this is the bathroom... I know so weird to take a picture of the bathroom but I've never seen anything like it! The stalls are eggs! How creative is that.

After tea, Dallin and I walked all over London to see the beautiful buildings in this city. Our first stop was Buckingham Palace.

I had Olivia all dressed up still from afternoon tea:)

We also walked by Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. Such gorgeous buildings!

I learned that this is actually called Elizabeth Tower, even though everyone calls it Big Ben. Either way, it's super pretty! 

This is the Palace of Westminster- I wish we did a tour of the inside!

We then walked to Trafalgar square and the National Gallery Museum. Most of the museums here are free which is nice. At the National Gallery museum, we did a tour of the Life of Christ. They gave us headsets and a map of ~15 paintings to go see. When you get to a painting, you can listen on the headset to the background and meaning of the painting. This tour lead us through Christ's life and it was really special.

We also saw the National History Museum, this is free too (we didn't love the inside displays, but the outside building is really pretty to see)!

Another day, we explored St Paul's Cathedral. It is so huge inside I loved it. 

It's so amazing to me that they were able to build this hundreds of years ago. There's so much detail in every square inch. 

We ate so unhealthy on this trip because there are just too many delicious sweets and treats on every corner in Europe! I'm obsessed with crepes and so I tried to eat them as often as I could. Kensington Creperie had amazing crepes... and I love how the guy below smiled for this picture :)

Of course, we also ate lot's of pastries!

I thought this little french store, Maitre Choux, had a fun window display...

and their pastries were almost too pretty to eat.

We discovered the cafe at Harrods which has the best pastries. We ate too much sugar there including a cronut (croissant-donut) and a doughssant (donut-croissant)... yes they are different haha! And both are SO good.

There is a Laduree in Harrods which is the prettiest store!! I liked it so much that we also went to the flagship Laduree store in Paris.

We obviously bought some of their macaroons to go. Yum :)

London part 3 is coming soon! Here is my part 1 post about Notting Hill.

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