Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Seoul Part 3

This is my third & last post about Seoul (see part #1 here and part #2 here). In our last few days there, we did a little bit more exploring :)

We walked the streets of an area that my dad served his mission in, called the Shindangdong district. My dad told us his mission stories as we walked, and we loved it. He said this area looked almost the exact same as is did when he was here last.

As we walked along, we saw some fun things. This owner dyed their dog's legs pink! We thought it was hilarious (and this wasn't the only pet dog we saw like this either!).

We saw lot's of locals on the street selling food and other items. This man was selling garlic.

We made it to the old church in my dad's mission area. This of course has been renovated since my dad was there.

Later, we went downtown to explore more of Seoul and we ate at a Korean Buffet that we all actually loved!

Sojung also showed us this designer building downtown.

We made our way to Gangnam (and were hoping to spot Psy dancing there ;). This place is one of the richest areas in Seoul. There are tons of high end shops as well as some really cool stores to check out. There are some big tech companies are here as well. We walked through the Samsung headquarters here in Gangnam.

When in Korea, I guess you have to do as the Koreans do! My dad saw everyone walking around with selfie sticks, so of course he bought one. We were dying laughing because he kept wanting to take selfies of the whole family from that point on. 

take #1...

take #2... lol

We walked by the Han river in Gangnam, grabbed some ice cream (we got ice cream like everyday, yum), and walked through this building that was in the Avengers movie.

After, we headed over to Itaewon. I loved this place! It's right by the U.S. Army base and has tons of the coolest restaurants and shops. Lot's of foreigners like this place and we saw people from all over the world here.

They had some fun restaurants. This place was a cereal bar. I had never seen one before and I thought the idea was kind of cool.

At this place, they sit on the floor to eat their meals.

On another day, we grabbed some ice cream and bebeem bop at the Park Hyatt hotel. 

This hotel was pretty fancy and had some great views. I just really wanted to swim in their pool!

After, we rented bikes and round them all around the Han River. This was so fun and one of my favorite things that we did!

Another day, we explored the Bulguksa Temple.

We also hiked along the Seoul fortress wall, which lead us to the coolest neighbor hood called the Ihwa-dong Mural Village. There are interesting murals and fun things to find in this neighborhood. 

I was so happy we stumbled upon a "Before I die" wall! I had really been wanting to see one of these ever since I read about it here.

They love the angel wings...

Grant was even checking out the art that random people had sketched into the pavement wall.

They also had a map posted up of all the spots to see the art.

We ended this day with a traditional Korean style meal. That means eating on the floor. Do you see how big that bebeem bop bowl is!!

Sojung gave us a parting gift when we left Seoul- face masks! Everyone wears them. (You can see her chatting with my mom behind us wearing hers!). So, Dallin and I were trying them out before we hopped on the train to head south ;)


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