Monday, November 3, 2014

Oliver's baptism day

My cute little nephew Oliver just turned 8 years old and got baptized this past weekend. It was the sweetest thing! At the baptism, the cutest story about Oliver that happened recently was shared. Last week, Oliver woke up and told his mom that he wanted to do something nice for someone that day. So, he cleaned up around the house, and did a few other little things, but he didn't quite feel like that "was it". He went outside to their backyard and cut some of the roses. He then put the pretty flowers in a vase and wrote a nice note. He grabbed his gift and walked over to give it to one of his neighbors. He told the neighbor that he loved her and then ran back home. Later that day, the neighbor called his mom, Hannah, and told her how much that meant to her. She explained that of all the days, that one had been the hardest, and that the flowers really meant so much to her. She said that she knew God loved her because he sent a child to comfort her during her sad time. What a special experience!

Oliver was so happy after his baptism!

The sun was so bright that everyone's eyes are closed in this picture... oops!

When we got back to Shane and Hannah's house after the baptism, I took a few pictures of Sophia in the backyard.


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