Friday, July 6, 2018

San Diego & Newport Beach Family Trips

This summer we took a month long trip away from Boston to visit our families in San Diego, Newport Beach, then lastly, Utah! My two little brothers got home from serving missions for our church in Japan in late June, so we wanted to spend lots of time with them while in Utah.

We first spent a week in San Diego with my parents and did the Del Mar County Fair! My mom grew up going to this every year, so that was fun to do with her.

We took Olivia on some rides and she loved them- just giggled the whole time!

Except for this giant slide... she looked terrified, ha!

I love this picture of my mom blowing bubbles with Olivia. My mom bought her these cute pink rain boots and ever since she's insisted on wearing them everywhere.

While in southern California, we did tons of trips to the beach (and to In-N-Out too)! 

Hannah is such a cute mom–she made her kids into mermaids then built a huge sand castle for them too. I love how playful she is with her kids💛 

Cute little Gwen is only 3 months younger than Olivia- so glad Olivia has one cousin her age!

We did one day at Disneyland with Dallin's whole family which was awesome. Dallin's mom made matching T-shirts for all of her grandkids to wear (how adorable is she?)!

Olivia had fun on the rides, but she is still terrified of the characters... poor thing!

We also took some family pictures in Newport Beach. 

They started out great and then they turned into us trying to keep Olivia from running into the ocean every two seconds....

so we enlisted some help from the cousins...

and then eventually just gave in and let her play in the water! What can you do?


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