Friday, June 1, 2018

Rockport & Castle Hill

At least once a year, we take a day trip to Rockport, MA- and we've taken a picture of Olivia with these lobster buoys every time!

We took one of Ryan too- but he just cried the whole time!

The downtown is really small so we pretty much do the same things every time we go. We walk all the sides streets, see Red Motif #1, pop in some shops, see the rocks at the end, and get some chocolate chip ice cream!

And one of our favorites things to do is pop into Roy Moore and ask to hold one of their lobsters to show the kids!

I couldn't resist buying some matching lobster PJs from the children's store...

We also went to the Crane Estate at Castle Hill that day. It was beautiful! 

The backyard lawn area was amazing. When you walk to the very end, it's right along the water and you can see the beach- such pretty views!

Saw this cute lobster building while we were driving home so I had to snap a picture­čśŐ Olivia and Ryan slept the entire drive home!

And they slept in their new lobster PJs that night :)


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