Sunday, November 5, 2017


There's nothing quite like Fall in New England! We love driving through Vermont around the first weekend in October to see all of the leaves. The trees are so colorful, and it's become one of our favorite traditions! Here's what we did in Vermont:
  • Woodstock: Sleepy Hollow Farm, Jenne Farm, Sugarbush Farm, and downtown
  • Stowe: Gondola at Stowe Mountain Lodge, Cold Hollow Cider Mill, Lake Elmore, and Grandview Barn
  • Warren: Camel's Hump Alpaca Farm & Blueberry Lake
We spent our first day in Woodstock with some friends and saw a bunch of farms. First, we drove to see Sleepy Hollow Farm which was so picturesque. 

The drive to get there was gorgeous, I love the bright yellow leaves.

We then went downtown Woodstock to walk around. Lot's of places were decorated with pumpkins for Halloween😊

Of course, we walked by the famous Middle Bridge and Woodstock Inn.

We then went to Jenne Farm lookout, which was beautiful. There were lots of people here taking pictures.

Of course, the drive to this place was so pretty too!

We also stopped by Sugarbush Farm which had pretty views! Olivia and Charlie (our friend's son) loved playing with the animals they had at this farm.

The next day we headed up to Stowe. On the way, we grabbed apple cider donuts at the Cold Hollow Cider Mill. They were so yummy! This place is fun because you can see how they make apple cider in the back of the store and try a little sample too.

After eating donuts for breakfast, we went straight to Stowe Mountain Lodge to ride the Gondola to the top of the mountain. We did this last year and loved it, so we wanted to do it again. When we got to the top, unfortunately it was super foggy so it wasn't as easy to see all of the colors as it was last time we came here.

LOL Olivia in this picture above 😂

Riding the gondola was super fun and the view was breathtaking, it looked like a painting.

At the top of this mountain is the longest zip line in all of North America! It's crazy! We watched people zip line down and I seriously got butterflies just watching because it's so high up. 

Rainbow trees😍

After we headed to see Lake Elmore. We wanted to rent a boat to take out on the water but didn't make it in time to rent one. So instead, we let Olivia throw rocks into the water which occupied her for almost an hour.

I love how the tress have a colorful reflection in the water!

This little lake was such a gorgeous place to spend some time 😊

Before heading to dinner downtown Stowe, we wanted to see Grandview Barn. This picture doesn't do this place justice! It was stunning to see in person.

We stopped at two more places in Vermont on our drive home. First, we stopped at Camel's Hump Alpaca Farm. This was one of my favorite memories from the trip! The farmer was so nice and let us walk in with him to see the alpaca's up close. They are seriously such cute animals!

These animals spit and it's so funny! Dallin and Olivia went up close to one of the alpaca, and it spit at them. Dallin and Olivia both jumped because it scared them and then both started laughing.

Seriously so cute!

And this place was so dreamy with the pretty leaves on the hill!

We ended our trip by stopping at Blueberry Lake. It's a really small lake and no one was there but us! I wish we had a canoe because it would have been so fun to boat on this water. 

We let Olivia run around for a bit and she ran right into the water with her shoes and pants on! I couldn't catch her fast enough, she's a quick one these days. 

Until next Fall, Vermont!


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