Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Olivia's 1st Birthday

Olivia turned ONE on April 8th! I can't believe that a whole year has gone by already. It seems like just yesterday she was a little newborn that I could snuggle all day. She was born the day after my birthday and is the best birthday present I'll ever receive! 

We put some balloons in her crib once she woke up in the morning and let her play with them. She loved it and was giggling at them the whole time!

Every year on our kid's birthdays I want to take a picture of us kissing their cheeks, it will be our little tradition:) Who doesn't love to be smothered with kisses?

My parents were in town which made it extra fun. My dad turned 60 and I turned 28 the day before Olivia turned 1 (my dad and I share a birthday). It was so fun to celebrate all 3 of our birthdays together!

We had a little birthday brunch and invited Olivia's friends over to celebrate with us. Our apartment isn't very big, but we squished everyone in somehow!

We gave Olivia her birthday cake, and I don't think she even took one bite, ha! All I wanted was to get the classic baby picture of them covered in cake, but she's not the best eater yet so that didn't happen. Once her hands got the sticky frosting on them, she started whining the whole time and just wanted to be clean. So funny! 

I had her baby friends bring a little bumbo seat so that they could sit and enjoy a cupcake while Olivia ate her cake. It was so cute to see them all lined up eating together, though pretty impossible to get a picture of 6 babies looking!

It was so nice having my mom in town because she made the cake and helped with brunch :)

We gave each of the kids that came a little party favor too.

Olivia opened up some presents (with some help) after the party. 

We love our little girl so much! She is so happy and always smiling. She loves her pacifier, reading books, and saying dada all day long. She isn't the best eater, might have something to do with the reflux she had. She crawls so fast and can cruise around with her little walker. As soon as she turned one, she started getting into everything and I have to watch her so closely and baby proof our place. She's a great sleeper (for the most part), she sleeps ~11-12 hours at night and takes two naps during the day. She's so ticklish and we love cuddling with her. We love this little girl of ours so much! Happy 1st birthday baby Olivia!


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