Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Tokyo is one busy city! I love the high energy and crowds of people everywhere you go. We only spent two days downtown Tokyo, so we tried our best to make the most of it. I need to go back one day though because there is so much we missed (we spent most of our time in Japan in Kyoto, more on Kyoto here!).

First, we went to Shibuya Crossing, also known as "the scramble". It's supposedly the busiest intersection in the world and it was fun to watch the sea of people.

This is what it looks like right before the lights change.

We saw some people dressed up in hilarious outfits and costumes here. You can kind of see one of them in a ridiculous costume in the polaroid picture below!

By the way, how cute are these polaroids?! My little sister took these little pictures with her cute camera (here)! I loved her little picture collection so I ended up buying the polaroid printer when we got home from our trip so that I could print my pictures as little polaroids too (if you like collecting polaroids like me, then you'll need this film too). 

We walked over to see the Meiji Shrine next. It was nice to see a pretty park in the middle of busy downtown Tokyo.

We walked around Tokyo so much that day, we were all soo tired by the end.

At the temple, we caught the tail end of a wedding taking place.

I loved looking at the wishes that people prayed for at the temple...

especially when they had cute pictures!

From the shrine, we walked over to Harajuku Takeshita Street which is insane. My mom doesn't like crowds at all so we lead her into her worst nightmare here haha.

We walked through the street exploring the shops and tried our best not to lose each other (which happened only a few times:). The streets were filled with crepe stands, ice cream shops, and plastic food displays.

Of course, we had to stop for some ice cream. I think we had ice cream twice every day on this trip:) This was called milk ice cream and the line was out the door, so we wanted to try it for ourselves to see what all of the fuss was about.

Sadly it looked much better than it tasted, oh well!

We made a pit stop into a candy store (now looking back at all of the pictures, I guess we didn't eat that healthy on this vacation oops!).

I couldn't believe how long this line was for a gourmet popcorn shop. We chatted with a few of the girls in line and they told us how much they loved this place, but we didn't have the patience to wait that long.

Next, we walked to the Government Building in the financial district. I read online that you can take the elevator to the top floor for free to see great views of the whole city. And yes, the views were amazing up there!

You can see in all directions at the top, it was really fun!

After, we were starving so we ate some Japanese food nearby.

After dinner, we went to see the Tokyo Tower (which we learned is actually taller than the Eiffel Tower, though, I still like the Eiffel tower better:)

There is a museum and a restaurant beneath the tower.

The next day, we stopped by the Electric City which is full of Japanese anime and video games... nerd alert! 

We also spent two days at Tokyo Disney, which were the best days ever of course:) I could not believe how many groups there wore completely matching outfits. So cute! 

Throw up your peace signs!

Also, every person at DisneySea walks around with some sort of Duffy toy. So, we gave into peer pressure and bought some of our own too, lol!

Until next time Tokyo!

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