Saturday, August 8, 2015

Cambodia Part 3

We had so much fun in Cambodia! The majority of our time we spent there was exploring the temples (the temples in the Small Tour are here and the temples in the Grand Tour are here). But, we also did a few other things in Cambodia besides Angkor Wat.

One night, we went into the town night market to get a fish foot massage. We went to this place that I think was called Bodia Spa. We had never done this before and it was hilarious, it seriously feels so weird! We were laughing the whole time. Dallin could barely keep his feet in the water because he is so ticklish. I had to hold his legs in! 

Everyone needs to do this at least once. It only cost like a dollar each and you can stay as long as you want. They had four different tanks of fish, so we tried them all out.

After the fish foot massage, we hoped back into our tuk tuk to drive down the street to go eat dinner. This guy was our driver every day we were in Cambodia & we loved him!

The hotel referred this restaurant, Kunlen II Restaurant, to us because they do a traditional Cambodian show while you eat.

To be honest, the food wasn't that good. It was a big buffet but we both didn't really like it.

The show was good though! They performed traditional Cambodian dances and it was very interesting to see.

Dallin and I were laughing because these two littles kids were also playing music with the band for the show haha! They are just babies!

The next night, we ate the best Cambodian food ever! This restaurant was SO good. It's called the Chanrey Tree and it has a really cool ambiance too. 

To start, they brought us banana chips and cold towels that smelled like peppermint to cool off. We also ordered spring rolls and a mango smoothie as an appetizer.

Of course, we ended our meal with mango sticky rice for dessert. It became our must-have dessert every night we were in Asia :)

Also, I took these videos while we drove through small towns in Cambodia. This really gives a feel for what it is like there.

Lastly, we stayed at the Siem Reap hotel. They had great customer service and seriously booked everything for us (however, there were little crickets in our bedroom ah! we wouldn't go there again).


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