Saturday, July 18, 2015

Bills Family Reunion in Park City

It had been over a year and a half since the whole Bills family clan had been together, so we were anxiously awaiting our family reunion trip! We stayed at a cabin in Park City and had some much needed bonding time. We have 11 cute little nieces and nephews, and so we did lot's of fun activities each day that the kids loved.

On the first day, we rode the alpine coaster and slides... I like the coaster way better though because it goes so fast! I rode the coaster with Sophia and we laughed the whole way down.

Dallin and I just got back from Asia the night before (we totally had our days and nights mixed up because of it), so they kids were asking us how to say words in different languages. I taught them how to say thank you in Korean, and it was so cute to watch them bow and say "komapsumnida" haha!

The next day, we went on a hike to Ruth Lake in the Unita Mountains. On the way up, we grabbed subway so that we could have a picnic at the lake. It takes about an hour to hike each way, and the kids got a little tired so we had to carry them at times.

All of the bills girls in one place, finally!

We got one good family photo somehow (I put it on a self timer on a rock, so didn't think it would really turn out).

The next day, we went to Lagoon and did the scariest roller coaster that I've ever done in my life. I guess it's a brand new ride, and it goes so fast on the upside down loop that I literally blacked out (not even joking)!

That week, we also went to the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake to see all of the animals.

I have no idea what this animal is, but I thought it was so interesting to watch!

When we got home, we roasted s'mores over the bonfire and had some good chats.

I caught a couple of candid shots of the dads being cute to their daughters. My heart melts!

After the little ones had finished eating their s'mores, they all came and jumped on my lap. We were cracking up, & I love these littles girlies so much!


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