Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from Maryland

Dallin and I went to his hometown of Potomac, Maryland this year for Thanksgiving break. I'm obsessed with where he grew up- it is one of the most beautiful places and so close to DC. This was such a fun trip because of all the siblings came to his parent's house and they are so fun. I  feel like I am just laughing the whole time we are together. Here we are in Georgetown shopping on Black Friday.

This was our first Thanksgiving together as a married couple, so I got to be apart of all the great Bills family holiday traditions. To start the Thanksgiving day, the boys always play a "Turkey Bowl" football game.This year they also got all of the kids to play a game. They were so cute to watch!

Another tradition is that they drink a lot of Welch's sparkling cider with their huge Thanksgiving feast. After eating, we passed around a little corn jar and took turns expressing what we are grateful for. They do this every year. The corn jar has a special meaning to them because when their house burned down many years ago, it was one of the few things that survived the fire. This is definitely my favorite tradition.

We also spent time playing with our cute 8 nieces and nephews. I love them all and it's so fun being "Aunt kayla"!

Hannah and I went to the mall at midnight for Black Friday. We went looking for sales, but mostly we wanted to experience the chaos since we had never done it before. The lines were absolutely crazy.

We did a lot of shopping this trip, and managed to see both the new Twilight and Lincoln movies. The last day of our trip we spent downtown DC at the Botanic Gardens. We went to see their Christmas display- every thing was decorated and made me so excited for Christmas time!


  1. I love Thanksgiving! This looks so much fun:) Looks like you acquired a great family!

  2. i regret not doing black fri with you girls- of course i say that now when i'm not tired and it's okay 9pm.....ask me in 3 hours...

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