Thursday, September 20, 2012


Dallin's parents are the sweetest! They brought us on their trip with them to Maui, and we all had a blast together. I feel so lucky and blessed to have such amazing and fun in-laws.

On this trip, Dallin and I decided to make a video to document our adventures. We thought it was be a fun way to show what we did! This is the first video we have made together- Dallin recorded all of the videos and I edited. We plan to make many more movies together to document our life adventures!

We stayed super busy every day in Hawaii, and drove nearly the whole island by the end of the trip. Of course we stopped at the fruit stands along the way and ate some pretty delicious stuff. On our second day there, we drove up to a Volcano crater. It was 80 degrees at the bottom, but it seriously felt like winter once we made it to the top. We were freezing. But, it was a breath taking view and we felt we were on top of the world.

We ended the trip by driving the Road to Hana. It was beautiful, but such a long drive. The 10 hours in the car were all worth it though once we made it to Hana and went on the most amazing hike. First, we hiked through a Bamaboo forest and I've never seen anything like it before. It felt so dreamy. Then we made it to a huge waterfall- that Russ decided to wash off under, despite the tour guides warning of falling rocks :)

We took a boat out to snorkel in the middle of the ocean, which was one of my favorite things from the trip. We saw huge sea turtles, tons of fishes, and even an octopus!

I was so proud of Sherrie because she conquered her fear and snorkeled for the first time in her life on our trip!


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  1. I love these photos and I LOVE the idea of putting together a video! We will def be doing this.


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